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We care because we understand the critical role provided by the research laboratories, healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical and  bio-tech industries we serve. As an experienced provider of cleanroom calibration and certification , we understand the importance of having a partner that allows you to maintain the highest level of compliance on a consistent basis.


Our test procedures follow industry standards ensuring the highest level of quality and safety.

Cleanroom Testing

We validate your cleanrooms for Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and cGMP Facility needs.


We provide on-going servicing for your primary engineering controls (PEC), including biological safety cabinets and cleanroom equipment.


Isthmus Env, experienced local provider serving Madison, WI and the Midwest. Cleanroom certification, biological safety cabinet certification, hood certification and fume hood testing.

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Cleanroom Certification

Following the USP <797/800> standards, our testing includes:

  • ISO Class 5 BSC
  • LFB certifications
  • Particle count testing
  • Viable air sampling
  • Viable surface sampling
  • HEPA filter integrity
  • Visual smoke analysis
  • Room pressure differentials
  • Air exchange rates

Cleanroom Certification For cGMP Facilities

Following the ISO 14644 standards, our testing includes:

  • Light scattering airborne particle counter (LSAPC)
  • Viable air sampling
  • Viable surface sampling
  • HEPA filter integrity
  • Room pressure differentials
  • Air exchange rates

Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) Certification

Following the NSF49 standards, our testing includes:

  • Downflow & inflow velocity
  • UV light intensity
  • Electrical testing
  • HEPA filter integrity
  • Airflow smoke patterns
  • Gas decontamination

SERVICE: We also offer full service repair & replacement of motor, HEPA filter and electrical components.

Chemical Fume Hood Performance Testing

Following the ASHRAE standards, our testing includes:

  • Hood location analysis
  • Room cross drafts
  • Face velocity measurements
  • Visual smoke analysis

We Ensure The Highest Quality Of Testing

Our certification testing equipment is annually reviewed by the manufacturer for
routine factory cleaning and calibration.


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Most research laboratories, medical, pharmaceutical and bio-tech companies struggle with the need to balance on-going research and development, while keeping up with industry requirements on cleanroom calibration and certification.

With Madison’s ever growing pharmaceutical and bio-tech industry, we understand how frustrating it can be having to rely on long distance service providers, when you have day to day needs to maintain the highest level of compliance for your business. 

Hi, I'm Don Watson, CEO and Founder of Isthmus Env.

I'm passionate about staying up to speed on current trends and industry standards. With 25 years experience servicing the pharmaceutical and bio-tech industry, at Isthmus Env we provide you with the quality and service you deserve.

Based in Madison, Wisconsin we offer the convenience and reliability of a local service provider, with the highest level of quality and safety.

We partner with you to get the best results possible. 

Providing long-term maintenance in cleanroom calibration and certification when you need it. We work on your schedule, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

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